Upcoming Events

Below is a calendar of upcoming events of interest. If you know of an event that may be of interest to our members, please let us know. Thanks!

2 Responses to Upcoming Events

  1. Linda, Bob McNichols says:

    You can count us in. Thanks for your efforts. Linda McNichols

  2. Ron & Carol Means says:

    We have sent our $150 to Carolyn Plummer (our agent) and she will see that we become a chapter member. We are very impressed with your efforts and believe in your direction. Just the presence of an organized group gives us stature and recognition and avoids being ignored. I feel being a chapter of the state organization is the right direction (avoids cost and time) and now we need funding to be viable. I also previously said that we need to be viewed as partners with the city to solve our mutual concerns, and at the same time build a fund and carry a stick if the legal path needs to be taken. Share my comments if you wish!

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