The Lincoln City Vacation Home Association Starts

Lincoln City, Oregon has 335 homes with Vacation Rental Dwelling (VRD) licenses. There are 327 different owners. 91% of these owners live in Oregon, Washington, and California. In 2009, Lincoln City collected $45,657,304 in transit room tax of which 14% came from VRDs. The percentage of transit room tax from VRDs has gone up in each of the last three years from 10% in 2007, 12% in 2008, to 14% in 2009.  The percentage of tax coming from hotels, motels, and B&Bs, has seen a commensurate drop. I think it is just part of the economic downturn and hotel/motel occupancy will increase as the economy gets better. The newly elected city council is interested in eliminating VRDs in residential zones (R-1). 63% of vacation homes are located in residential zones. That is one of the reasons for all VRD owners to support the Lincoln City Vacation Home Association because many vacation home owners are not full time residents of Lincoln City. Only 25 VRD owners receive mail at an address in Lincoln City.

About Barry

Barry's family has owned a beach house in Lincoln City for over 40 years. He's a retired Association Director, and earned a CAE designation (Certified Association Executive) from ASAE, a national trade association of Tax Exempt Organizations. Most recently, he was the CEO of a dentists-owned dental insurance company headquartered in Redmond, Oregon. He currently lives in Portland with his wife, and has rented out his home on a part-time basis for the past twenty years.
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12 Responses to The Lincoln City Vacation Home Association Starts

  1. Matthew Goolsby says:

    This sounds like a good idea and great time to organize!

  2. Ross says:

    Santa Cruz, CA, is considering new VRD restrictions:

  3. Barry says:

    I have looked at the Cannon Beach community vacation rental ordinance and they have a five year vacation rental permit and it’s renewed every five years. They limit the number of vacation rental to 91 rental homes. I don’t know how they came up with that number. The same arguments on both sides are being used in the Santa Cruz, CA debate.

  4. Paul Klinetobe says:

    Absentee owners have had absolutely no say in VRD implementation or changes. A few disgrunted residents have had their way with the city on getting all these changes
    in motion. There has to be some balance in the process or we will get steam rolled out of renting in a short period of time.

  5. Lawrence Morrell says:

    I am retired and available for any and all meetings. Let me know where and when the city council meetings are held. They need to see a few of us there to present our side.
    Thank you.

  6. Kevin McDonald says:

    Our rental property comprises a great amount of our savings and livlihood. Our security should not be discarded by the loud few who complain. Together, we should be able to enlist legal counsel to assist in a fair resolution for all. Please publish copies of proposed ordinances.

  7. Robert French says:

    Thanks for starting this association. We will definitely support.

  8. Ron & Carol Means says:

    Our property has been a VRD for 17 happy years. We are shocked a verbal few seem to be dominating the conversation, Thank you for taking the initiative and providing a way for all of us to communicate and help each other. Sadly in these times it always seems to come down to hard ball. We feel that perhaps a significant legal fund may be necessary in the future to protect all of us. We stand ready to be a contributor.

  9. Gene suggested at the city council meeting that the opposing groups form a committee to make decisions and present to the council. He is happy to be a part of that group. He attends all the meetings and will continue to stay involved in the issues concerning VRD’s. Thanks for the great website and all your hard work putting it together.

  10. Doug Coates says:

    When vacation rental owners and managers in Tillamook County were faced with proposed laws to restrict their operations, a large group of them came together so that they had input into the discussion. Although the county was reluctant to include them at first, eventually, the Tillamook group was included and they ended up rewriting the proposed law so that it addressed community concerns while protecting the rights of property owners and citizens.

    That rewrite was eventually accepted by the county with minor revisions.

    Individual VR owners and managers donated about $12,000 towards this effort, which funded a community relations advertising campaign and legal expenses. Upwards of 200 people showed up at county meetings to discuss the issue with county commissioners, and most were in favor of VR owner’s rights and a rational policy towards VRs.

    Lincoln County can do the same if those with a stake commit their money and their time.

    Doug Coates
    Oregon Association of Vacation Rental Owners

  11. Gerald (Jerry) Prewitt says:

    Lincoln City Council is out of control. You have my support and my check immediately!

  12. Barry Rice says:

    See my comment regarding the transit room tax. The number is about 10% of the amount quoted. The information was for total rental income not transit room tax of 9.5% of the rental income which all vacation rentals, motels, hotels, trailer parks and B & B’s pay to the city.

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