The Lincoln City Vacation Homeowners Association has been created to support and promote vacation rentals in Lincoln City, Oregon. If you are a vacation rental owner, or wish to support our efforts, please contact us!  Thank you for your support!

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  1. Victor Todd Grail says:

    My wife and I also have a house in Lincoln City, and have a VRD permit.
    I find myself offended by Lincoln City wanting our money, but not our guests.

    Seems to me most of the VRD rentals are cleaner and have been better maintained than some of the local residents homes (see the area in between nw 15th and 17th 1 block west off highway 101). Maybe the city should do something about that.

    Are they going to lower our property taxes, when our house loses value because we can’t rent them, and who is going to pick up the mortgage payments without the rental income???

  2. I am a native Oregonian, who has lived in Salem and on the Oregon coast my entire life. I have watched and participated in property ownership and investment since 1971. I have also been a licensed realtor in the state of Oregon for over 25 years, now retired. I developed Hidden Cove Bed and Breakfast and long term rentals, a barrier-free property on Devil’s Lake.

    I am a widow, rowing my own boat in a very difficult economy. Most of my personal assets are invested in my property on the lake. I came here to retire; produce income to add to my social security income; and “age in place” in a beautiful place on the planet.

    This was my retirement dream. I achieved it …….only to have my livelihood threatend by a city council that does not understand basic economics.

    I want to see us preserve the individual property rights we are entitled to in this state. With the average price of housing in our city….. between $250,000- $300,000, the purchaser of a home needs 10-20% down and an income of a minimum of $3,000-$3,500 per month. If this home in Lincoln City is a “second” home, then double that income per month (due to the fact owner’s also have to afford a primary house payment in their city of primary residence). So now we are looking at a total income of $72,000 – $84,000 per year! How many Oregonians have incomes of $72,000- $84,000 per year?

    Doesn’t it stand to reason people are buying properties jointly and renting their second homes to afford the payments and the property taxes??? Just look at the behavior of the market and you will find the truth. Last quarter, TRT taxes increased 7%. We are bringing more business to Lincoln City. That is a good thing!

    The new VRD ordinance is restricting our right to rent our second home investments. Yes, second homes are also investments! This ordinance will eventually cause the demise of property values in Lincoln City over time. Only high-income families will be able to own second homes here. The average Oregon family cannot even dream of owning a piece of the Oregon coast. Entreprenurial incentive is being controlled by short-sighted government intervention.

    We need to be heard! Our interests need representation! Those of us who own VRD’s and rental properties have a voice. There are only twenty-two of us (VRD owners) in the city who can even vote! We are paying property taxes that support this community and TRT taxes that few communities have the luxury of enjoying.

    Maybe we should encourage some re-zoning. It does not make sense to me to have waterfront properties zoned R-1. I think a “higher and better use” for waterfront property is “vacation rental” in a resort community, don’t you? Let’s take a look at Lincoln City’s zoning. Maybe it is due for an overhaul!

    If you move to Lincoln City to retire; live here full time; and buy a first row, second row, or third row home on the west side of Highway 101 or a lakefront, riverfront, or bay front property; you are deluding yourself if you think your neighborhood will be full of single-family owners!

    Check out the budget and educate yourself to where the TRT money goes. Look at the VCB and where they spend money….. Let us hold Lincoln City council members and our mayor accountable! Only one third of “all” properties owned in Lincon City is owned by people living and voting here! All property owners in Lincoln County who do not reside here have a voice that needs to be heard. Maybe we need to organize and refuse to pay our property taxes! If we did that in mass……do you think the city council would figure it out? It is time to stand up for our property rights!

    I realize I am taking a risk to verbalize my opinion when I live here as a full-time resident. I cannot be silent any longer. My financial well being may be in the hands of people who do not understand basic economic principles! Yikes!!!!!

    • Hi Avette, While I appreciate your pro-vacation rental comments, I wonder what made you change your mind. During the last election, when you were running for city council, you missed a golden opportunity to stand up and declare your support for VRD owners’ rights.

  3. Craig & Leslie Olesen says:

    We have been quite perplexed regarding the City of Lincoln City’s actions regarding VRDs. We can see neighborhoods where the VRD property can be differentiated from non-VRD property because of the abandoned cars in the front yard or the general dis-repair of the house with the NO VRD signed posted. Our guests spend tens of thousands of dollars in Lincoln City, which seems to be meaningless to Gordon Walker and his band of not so merry anti-VRD folks. Their constant outpouring of misinformation needs to be answered.

  4. Victoria Purvine says:

    I agree. We are held to a much higher standard than the rest of the homes. My guests park in the driveway, the duplex down the road parks in the street and when we asked about blocking the roads were told there is no ordinance against that. But if my guest spill over, I could get a fine or lose my license. Its definitely a double standard.

  5. Paul Klinetobe says:

    Barry- A good attorney for the group of VRD owners would be Weley Chadwick. PHone 1-541-265-8881

  6. Paul Klinetobe says:

    corection. Wesley Chadwick is the attorneys name. His office is in Newport and he works for Macpherson, Gintner & Diaz

  7. Hi,

    New to this site. I have had my VRD since 1995 on NW Jetty Ave. I totally don’t understand how a few VERY vocal local residents can have such a big impact against VRDs. I live here in LC and own a couple of small oceanfront hotels as well as my VRD – and really see the need for VRDs for the families that can’t afford 2 or 3 rooms for their get away. I agree with the fact we bring in alot of tax revenue. I really think that if this assocation gets off the ground then we NEED to start showing up at every meeting that VRDs are on the schedule to be discussed…..even if that means a few trips down to LC for the out of town VRD owners to make sure we are heard and appreciated too.

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